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Planet Earth is unique in our solar system for its ability to support the evolution of animal and plant life. It may be unique in all the universe, making us guardians of intelligent life, that we should seek to preserve intelligently, lest we are forced to seek to abandon Planet A and migrate to Planet B - where no such planet as yet is known to exist.


What is so fabulous about our precious blue planet is the diverse range of organic life, or biodiversity - much of which is seriously undervalued, but represents millions of years of niche evolution, carefully balanced by nature using the law of survival of the fittest. The most perfectly adapted to our environment survives, while natures experiments that don't adjust quickly enough, become extinct.


Humans are the only high-level intelligent species on the planet, we now know from archaeological remains, evolved from apes, rather than a divine creation. Though, there was something approaching the Garden of Eden, in Tanzania. Where life was sufficiently easy for our ancestor hominids to progress through Australopithecus to Homo Habilis, through Neanderthal Man absorption - until Homo Sapiens reigned supreme with 1600cc of brain capacity. By then we'd progressed from tool user, to creating war machines and ultimately, the atomic bomb, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and space rockets.


Leading up to World War Two, we showed our dark side, with concentration camps and eugenics programmes, stemming from the American Way. Adolf Hitler took all of these concepts to extremes and very nearly pulled off his world domination agenda, but for the remainder of the free world, fighting to establish rules of conduct that crystallized as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to tackle Nazi like atrocities, born from the United Nations. 


Man almost wiped out whales in the quest for oil for lamps and cheap meat. Man did wipe out fisheries, in the process learning that they do not regenerate - and that there are limits.


Politicians and businesses would have us exploit our natural resources, to the point of frying the planet and killing species by the thousands. Including displacing humans from their natural habitats, via desertification. Hence, we have exceeded the natural limits of the planet, unbalancing nature delicate balancing act.


Having discovered coal and oil, some of our leaders appear determined to take us to the brink of extermination with their greed driven policies. The invention of paper and now digital money, being the root of all evil. Given that there is no relationship with printed and minted currency to tie that to anything on earth, such as sustainable food production - without further desertification and global warming.


There has been no thought of index linking money to affordable energy and homes. That would not suit politicians and banks, who thrive on profits without morals, because of a lack of accountability for their actions. These are the real enemies of our blue planet. The Climate Criminals.




It is high time such morally repugnant activity stopped with new international law to punish those in positions of power and trust, who fail to act to preserve the planet and life on it.


Climate change, caused by the use of fossil fuels is one of the most pressing issues we are facing in the new millennium, with our present leaders doing little to halt the inevitable. 


They are though exploring space using robots, presumably in the hope of finding a new home, by way of an insurance policy, that we don't have time to cash in.




FINANCIAL SLAVERY - Planning insanity is building homes that contribute to global warming. Can you believe the (climate) stupidity of any council that allows such development? Houses built on reclaimed land on the side of a hill, where there is plenty more suitable surrounding land for genuinely affordable units that would involve far less carbon moving earth, etc. These are not even affordable units and when the steel rusts away, you are looking at a land slide. Is similar madness happening in your area? All such permissions should be voided immediately. Call a halt, to put the fire out. There are already signs of movement at this site in 2021.





Climate change is fueled by super-heated economies, including Governments borrowing to support unsustainable political ambitions and citizens being forced to get into debt by being subjected to those policies, just to live. That is of course Financial Slavery.


How about the World Bank, IMF and all other financial institutions, private lenders and investors bailing us out? Why not stop the clock and start again fresh. They have been living off the fat of the land for long enough to take a hit - since they indirectly put their foot on the gas pedal - causing global warming.






Proposals to make it illegal to operate a country or a business such as to cause harm to planet earth and its inhabitants, may sound extreme, especially to those plundering our natural resources. But, it is probably one of the sanest proposals from 2020, where in 2019 and 2021, some of the dirtiest countries in terms of coal and oil use G20 pushed for more time to exploit their kleptocratic empires - and are likely to continue to do so. A radical, peaceful, solution is long overdue. But it all depends on the electorate having the gumption to ballot green, instead of voting for greed.




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