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Human excrement is a measure of over-development, in denial of global warming. When we say "we are in the shit," we mean it literally. The popular phrase means an extremely bad situation: "Up shit creek without a paddle."

But in some cases it actually involves real shit, as in human faeces and sewage - and run-off pollution as in the example cited at Herstmonceux in Sussex.


The land in question was sold to a consortium of developers at a price higher than it should have paid, thought to include Clarion Housing Group, Gleeson Developments, Latimer Developments and Thakeham Homes, but not necessarily all of them and there may be other later developments, such as selling on, that remains to be investigated.


The smell of money appears to offset the smell of shit. House builders don't seem to care about what they are doing, they just want to make money.


See below for an A to Z example of a real world shit creek in the making:



A271 Gardner Street -

Affordable Housing - for an agricultural worker on a local wage

Chapel Row & Church Road -

Clarion Homes -

Community Infrastructure Levy - CIL payments, where is the money going?

Crapper - Thomas, a plumber who invented and promoted sanitary appliances: "Going for a crap"

Environment Agency - England's Governmental department for prevention of water contamination

Gleeson (M J) Developments -

Herstmonceux Parish Council - Village

Human excrement, shit, faeces, crap, turds, taking a dump

Human Rights -

James Brokenshire - Policies created renting society, perpetuating financial slavery

Latimer Homes -

Lime Cross -

Margaret Thatcher - Poll tax and social housing sell off

New Zealand - Bill English's economics based on borrowing, more and more

Potty Training - Wealden tried to take away toilets despite Health & Safety Regulations 1992

Rape if the Countryside 

Robin Hood - Robbing from the poor to give to the rich

Schitt's Creek - Excellent Canadian comedy series

Shit Creek - Herstmonceux, East Sussex

Sewage Treatment -

Southern Water Company -

Sussex Police - failures to investigate planning related crime, gives corrupt planners free reign

Thakeham Homes -

Tim Watson's - 2015 planning application for 70 houses

Up shit creek without a paddle

Victoria Road 

Wealden District Council

Wells - Historic monuments at risk from groundwater contamination in Herstmonceux




Plan of proposed houses that are in the drainage area that feeds Lime Well at Herstmonceux


A plan that is virtually guaranteed to poison the drinking water in Lime Well, making every home owner in the groundwater drainage line-of-fire, culpable and liable to prosecution.



Planet Earth is unique in our solar system for its ability to support the evolution of animal and plant life. It may be unique in all the universe, making us guardians of intelligent life, that we should seek to preserve intelligently, lest we are forced to abandon Planet A and migrate to Planet B.




Proposals to make it illegal to operate a country or a business such as to cause harm to planet earth and its inhabitants, may sound extreme, especially to those plundering our natural resources. But, it is probably one of the sanest proposals from 2020, where in 2019, some of the G20 pushed for more time to exploit their kleptocratic empires. A radical, peaceful, solution is long overdue. But it all depends on the electorate having the gumption to vote green, instead of voting for greed.




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